Boutique Hotel at Mt Rainier

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Hotel at Mt Rainier

Hotel at Mt Rainier

Copper Creek Inn,  a small hotel at Mt Rainier is located 2 miles west of the Nisqually (southwest) entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, is a small boutique inn with two economical suites and one small sleeping room upstairs from the historic Copper Creek Restaurant. Cabins are scattered throughout the pristine, privately owned, 10+ acres that is surrounded by the Nisqually Land Trust and US Forest Service lands. The roaring, rocky Copper Creek intersects the property with plenty of spots to steal away and enjoy the solitude. One off-site pet friendly cabin on and a large contemporary custom built vacation home are one mile away on 11 acres. 

At Copper Creek Inn you’ll enjoy the beautiful acreage, including wooded areas, the creek, fire pits and big open grassy areas for games and gathering.

There is even a complimentary Electric Vehicle Chargers at many cabins. 

There is internet, but the internet that is available in the area is not stable. You can check email, but it is not likely that you can stream movies or have zoom meetings.


Economy Lodging at Mt Rainier

Jennie's Sleeping Room

A tiny economical sleeping room with private bathroom and shower is located above Copper Creek Restaurant. Sleeps 2. 

Roselea's Suite

Located above Copper Creek Restaurant. One queen bedroom suite with living room, private bathroom with jetted tub. Sleeps 2 

Frenchie's Suite

Located above Copper Creek Restaurant. Two queen bedroom suite with a living room, private bathroom with shower. Sleeps 4

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These rooms once housed the staff at Copper Creek. Roselea Triggs was the owner of Copper Creek in 1946. She moved from New York where she had a brief career in burlesque. Shortly after purchasing the building her husband left her with pennies in her pocket, a restaurant. She didn’t know how to cook. She was able to hire a local who helped launch the restaurant business. She actually lived in the upstairs suite named after her in the late 40’s and early 50’s. She would wait tables by day, and write short stories at night. She submitted them for publication in ladies magazines. A file box full of her manuscripts were found in the attic. We copied several of them for guest to read while staying in Roselea’s Suite. 

In the early days at Copper Creek, the upstairs rooms were rented to locals, many of them employed at Copper Creek Restaurant. Frenchie (Hank Canty) lived in the rooms in the early 50’s. He collected the drift wood alphabet that adorns the outside of the building today. One of Frenchie’s nephews gave us a journal hand written on recycled paper by Frenchie. He talked about the wild time there. All the workers were single and the parties would go on into the night. They would open up the restaurant as a bottle club (BYOB) after hours, play music from the jukebox, and dance ’til dawn. At times they would clean up just in time to open the restaurant for tourists. 

Jennie never lived upstairs, but she was instrumental in building the reputation for Copper Creek’s famous blackberry pies. She made the pie from 1952 until she retired in 1995. When she was in her mid 90s she would come in to check up on us to make sure we were making the pies correctly, and occasionally announce “I think I’ll come back to work!”. The tiny upstairs room honors her contribution to the restaurant.  

Frenchie and Roselea
1946 ~ Frenchie (Hank Canty) and Roselea Triggs
Copper Creek Restaurant in the late 40s
Copper Creek Restaurant in the late 40s.
Roselea and Frenchie
Roselea and Frenchie in the late 40s
The Pie Lady
Newspaper article embedded in the counter at Copper Creek Restaurant